Powder coating provides a very tough and durable finish. The process involves spraying an electronically charged powder onto the surface to be coated and then fusing it in an oven where the powder particles melt to form a continuous film which hardens as it cures and cools.

The result is a smooth, uniform and durable coating.

Powder coating does not contain harmful solvents, and is environmentally friendly.

Many different types of powder are available to provide a combination of desirable characteristics including colour, gloss level, texture, anti microbial powder, toughness and resistance to wear, chemical action or weather.

A complete range of colours and textures is available and excellent colour matching can be achieved

Powder Coating Plant
Hitech uses a conveyorised powder coating plant with on-line coating booths and curing oven. The process is specially adapted to cater for high or low volume of products up to 1.8m in length and ensures a very consistent level of high quality finish.

Hitech has the facility to overcoat or re-powder coat components that already have a powder coated finish. This brings tired finishes back to a new life.

As with all surface finishing processes, preparation is key. Powder coating should only be applied to properly prepared surfaces in order to ensure good adhesion.

Preparation may include cleaning, sanding, bead blasting and removal of existing coating.

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